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  • Translate healthcare jargon.

  • Support clear communication.

  • Advocate on your behalf​.

Your healthcare navigator can help you:​​


  • Coordinate care, treatment and communication among your medical team​.

  • Accompany you to doctor and other healthcare appointments to help:

  • Assist in reviewing medical billing and interpreting insurance policies.

  • Screen, arrange and monitor in-home care or other services.

  • Tackle a hospital bureaucracy and oversee the care you are given.

  • Support you and your family through treatment and recovery.

  • Advocate for you with an employer, healthcare provider or school to get the assistance you need.

  • Navigate the special medical, housing, and insurance needs of the elderly and/or disabled.

  • Find social services and complementary services that may be available to you.

  • Mediate with families to help make the best decisions for all​.

  • Develop a plan of direction for your healthcare and social service needs.

Care Manager Services

Our mission at Next Step is to help individuals and families receive the best care and find the most appropriate services and alternatives possible.  We will not make healthcare decisions for you.  However, we will be there to answer your questions and research alternatives to your health care issues.  An advocate will be with you on your journey to guide you, educate you and advocate for you.

Relax knowing that a Next Step Advocate is acting on your behalf with your providers and helping to give you the resources to be in control of your life and goals.

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