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Our Clients

I didn't know where to turn ... and couldn't have managed to get the medical or personal assistance I needed without help.  After meeting with Debra for a few hours she began putting all the pieces together so that I got the help I needed and was seen by the right medical professionals to help solve my needs.  Debra set up my home care schedules to see that my personal needs such as shopping, personal appointments, daily prescription medications, numerous doctor appointments and a host of other living requirements were met for me.

She arranged for home care givers to aide me with my everyday living needs and monitored their assistance to me making changes as they are required.  She negotiated with several providers to insure I got reasonable prices for the care and services that were being sought.  Debra is frequently checking in with me and putting my mind at ease that what I needed is being provided for.

I couldn’t have done this alone and feel blessed for the professional and compassionate way in which Debra and Next Step have handled and tended to my needs.  Thank you so much for all you have done.

Dorothy E

If you find negotiating health care needs to be frustrating and difficult, Next Step Advocate is who you want to talk to.  Cybele Japczyk has been called to serve those with special health care needs.  She knows the systems and is skilled in navigating it on behalf of her clients.  I have witnessed Cybele Japczyk navigate the health care maze with insight and knowledge.  I have watched her take care of her clients with compassion, care and competence.  Cybele and the navigators at Next Step are wonderful companions to have on your journey.

Father Tony Taschetta

Other comments from those who didn’t know what to do next:

“It was a daunting task just trying to figure out where next to turn after being stricken with overwhelming medical problems.  I just felt so lost because the medical care system was so complicated and large…..”

“Our family was at a loss after our elderly father was diagnosed with a devastating medical issue and with getting so many different suggestions from family, friends and medical professionals.  We felt confused and didn’t know what to do next.  Luckily for us we found the help we needed from a Next Step Advocate..."

“Don’t know what my family would have done without the help and guidance we received.  From organizing personal life needs to arranging for the proper medical care needed and then seeing to it that all were delivered as required…….”

“What were we to do!  Our mother lived hundreds of  miles from us, she was elderly and in failing health and we had no one to see that she received the care and attention she needed.  Fortunately for us, Next Step Advocate was able to take our place, put our minds at ease and help our mother be as comfortable as possible in her remaining years………”

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"One day you are watching TV with your husband and planning the evening meal and then a week later he is in the hospital, and I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that he may never be the same man again and preparing to send him to hospice.  It was a month of confusion, fear, frustration, and sadness I will never forget. Honestly, what got us through this difficult time was Cybele and Next Step. She provided the clarity we needed when there was so much conflicting medical information thrown at us.  Because of her knowledge and experience she was able to help us sort through the information, talk to the appropriate people, and present the pertinent facts and options - allowing us to make tough decisions with confidence.  She was with us daily to the end  making sure my dear was getting the care needed and deserved.

As I reflect back on that difficult month, one thing is  clear - Next Step's support and efforts on behalf of my husband and our entire family, gave us comfort in an otherwise extremely difficult journey."


"I find myself telling everyone how lucky my brother was to have Cybele watching over him to the very end.  She never let him feel uncomfortable or afraid or alone.  How she stayed with him and prayed with him through the night so he knew he wasn't alone.  She worked to find the best way for him to communicate as his disease progressed.  I was amazed how Cybele knew just the right questions to ask at the right times and to get the best care possible for him.  What a blessing she was for us and for him.  Whenever I feel sad not to have seen him one more time, I realize it was his time to go.  I hope you know how grateful I am to you.  You gave him the comfort that helped him on his way.  And that is all he needed to find his way home."



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