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Accompanying your family on its journey

through healthcare needs and concerns.


To assist our clients on their journey by empowering them with the tools and resources needed to get the best possible outcome.

We will ...​

  • Advocate for the patient and the needs of the family.

  • ​​Assist families in navigating through the maze of healthcare and social service systems​​​.

  • Find solutions that work for the entire family.


We are here to help manage the unmanageable.

Cybele and Sue Zawacki Aging Info Radio
Cybele Japczyk on Aging Info Radio

NSA's Cybele Japczyk on "Aging Info Radio" with host Sue Zawaski. Check out the enlightening conversation on the podcast!


  • A typical adult child will care for his or her aging parents for 10-15 years​​.
  • Families provide 20-40 hours of unpaid caregiving a week​.
  • 70% of family care givers have to take time off work to do their caregiving​ (in home-care).
  • 10 million caregivers over 50 who care for their parents lose an estimated $3 trillion in lost wages, pensions, retirement funds and benefits.
  • One in five caregivers say they need help talking with doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Source: National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP


  • ​Almost 60% of family caregivers have full time jobs and "The time you used to spend working ... you're now spending making phone calls, sending emails, dealing with finances, going on doctor visits.  It's harder to get the next promotion.  If there are layoffs, well, you're not doing as much as you used to, so you're more vulnerable to getting the ax."

Source: Liz Weston, MSN Money The high cost of caring for parents 10/14/2011


More than ever it is important to be educated when dealing with complex medical and social service issues.  A Next Step navigator can help you through it.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the choices that have to be made for yourself or your loved one?

  • ​Do you know what you need, but don't know where to start?

  • Do you find it frustrating when talking to your loved one about his or her doctors visits?

  • Are you struggling to balance family and work while caring for an aging parent or other family member?

  • Would you like someone to accompany you to visits with your healthcare provider?​

  • Do you have patients who need help finding services but you don't know where to refer them?

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